Sunday, September 11, 2005

Temptation (part two)

Concerning temptation, I've learned that it is pointless to think I am fighting temptation at all if I do not do the hard, painful and fearless work of confession and prayer in all honesty.

Is it lust? Gluttonly? Vainglory? Pride? Avarice? Sloth? Envy? Those are the classic diseases of temptation. Whatever your sin-sickness is, it's going to have you deeply ashamed when you go probing into it, like discovering that you have syphilis from that one night stand you tried so hard to forget. It just won't fit your self-image at all. Yuck, me? I have that sin? If I have a shameful disease, I am not going to get better by ignoring it. I must see a doctor, get a diagnosis, and start a course of treatment. The Doctor, in this case, is utterly confidential, and He is on my side. He wants me to get well. My sin is a chronic condition, but it does not have to be terminal.

It's painful to look in the mirror and say, You are a proud, vain glutton, or, Lust, again?, or to realise that I am one of those people who chronically, mercilessly and pridefully turn away when confronted with the shortcomings of others.. It's hard to see the sins coming a mile off and know that you will again have to face the struggle of putting sin to death, and not giving it quarter. Every fleshly fiber in my body wants what I want, and does not want that bitter Cup of Life that kills before it gives life and freedom.


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