Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A First for Everything

A couple of days ago I was having a dream about one of my cats. In the dream he was being very possessive, and doing his thing of perching on the back of my chair here at the computer and leaning against me, purring loudly, wrapping his tail around my head. Yes, I know, that is kind of weird. When cats rub up against you, they wrap their tails around your leg: it's a 'cat hug'. In the dream though, I actually smelled his cat smell. (I know, that is weird, but it isn't your classic 'cat smell', like the litter box. We clean the box twice a day and our cats are not smelly, but they do have an odor to them-- sort of a muskier version of my perfume.)

Anyway-- I don't remember ever before having any kind of smell to a dream. And that is weird. Because, you see, we hallucinate just about everything else: sights, sounds, textures, tastes even (I have dreamed of chocolate cake many times. That isn't wierd; I'll bet you've done that too, so there)-- but I have never smelled anything in a dream before.

Yes, I flossed and brushed before bed, and no, our cats do not sleep with us. They stay in the basement at night. They drape themselves all over us for the rest of the day, though. And hopefully I will never have a dream about a fire, smelling smoke.


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