Sunday, July 30, 2006


We just got back from OH for a vist with Rich's 80-yo mother, who, after knee replacement surgery in Febrary, seems to be raring to go as always. While there we celebrated Meg's 18th birthday. She is now old enough to get married without our permission. Fortunately she has the eminent good sense not only to not want to, but there is no real prospect on the horizon. Not that there aren't interesting young men out there, but more that she wants to see what God can do with a single young woman yet. (Whew.)

So there we were in the northeast section of OH. If you've never been there, I can recommend a couple of places:

The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage ( This excellent and interesting museum details not only the Holocaust and its effects on local Jewish families on the CLeveland area, but also the influence of Jewish folk in the US, and even more interestingly, artifacts from the Holy Land directly (and intentionally, which I thought astute) relating to Christianity. Prominently exhibited was a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, with one of the containers, and several ossuaries. We spent several hours in this museum. It is a must if you are in the Cleveland area-- great museum!

Parkside Church. ( This is Alistair Begg's church, non-denominational, and yes, a megachurch. Probably around 2000 worshippers per service at least, but when you hear the sermons, you see why.

The Sheraton at Cuyahoga Falls ( We didn't stay here, but we did celebrate Meg's birthday luncheon here in the restaurant pictured which juts directly over the Falls-- quite lovely, and not all that expensive, either.

Blossom Music Center ( The summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra. For her boirthday, meg chose to attend a concert which featured the music of John Williams (of Star Wars music fame). I'm told the concert was excellent; the percission section put on Darth Vader helmets for the performance of that character's theme music. Other music that Williams composed, such as the theme music for the TV program "Lost in Space" was also featured. The man's been at it for a long time.

The Ohio Light Opera ( We saw the HMS Pinafore here, although we had just seen it via a different company at Purdue this past spring, but we figured this would enable the kids to form critical opinions, which they readily did, finding the set better at the OLO than at Purdue, but the acting slightly better at the Purdue show. Heard on the way to the show:

Meg: What's the difference between light opera and "heavy" opera?
Ian: The weight of the singers?

(You saw that one coming didn't you? Fortunately Rich and I were able to make a better answer.)

Other activities included a great deal of croquet playing, shopping, and eating homemade lime cheesecake for Meg's birthday, which was much better than the cheesecake I bought from a friend last year. Sorry, Gretchen...I'm just better at it!


Anonymous Heidi said...

sounds like you missed the heat that socked the area.

And it sounds like a pretty interesting visit for you

5:31 PM  
Blogger craigellachie said...

No. it was (and is) awfully hot, heat index around 105. But the A/C is doing its thing, and the evenings were a bit cooler.

7:12 AM  

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