Thursday, January 25, 2007

Six Odd Things

Anne tagged me to tell about six odd things about myself. To hear some poeple talk, I'd be hard pressed to dredge up six normal things about myself. I think I'm a pretty regular sort of person, but, okay, I'll try. Thing is, what others regard as odd, I regard as...well, just part of living, for me, anyway.

1. I'm directionally challenged. I can't tell left from right because, in my mind, both are left. So don't give me directions using those words. In the car I can use "my side" or "your side". Don't tell me about my left fingers forming an "L". My right hand does that too. And, yes, I can write backwards. And upside down. At the same time. It's a wiring thing.

2. I'm not an alcoholic because wine makes me sneeze and get congested. I really like wine. But more than one glass, and I'm a mess. I'm not allergic to anything else, so I like to think that God has done this, because alcoholism runs in my family. Thank You, God. And thanks for wine, too.

3. Rich makes fun of me because I like to get into and fall asleep in a neat bed. He just pulls back the covers and falls in, all rumpled. WHen I see that, I make the bed over him, then fold back the covers real neat, and slide in, pulling the covers carefully over me. (I live to make him laugh)

4. I'm partially deaf and need to wear hearing aids. (Which I don't unless I really have to for some reason) My hearing is much worse in the morning. After about three cups of coffee, though, I'm hearing at my usual mediocre level.

5. I'm an artist who likes to draw blood and guts. Pretty weird, huh? I also love to talk about disease and medical subjects with my doctor friends, who appreciate it because their wives usually don't. Neither does Rich. And this often occurs over dinner.

6. I can still remember the s-word in Czech, because my brother taught it to me 30 years ago while he was a student at the language school in Monterey, CA. I think I have an excellent memory.

Believe me, there is much more than this. Just ask, and I'll bore you to death. OK, I'm tagging anyone who reads this to add their six odd things in the comment box, and will also tag a few other bloggers.


Blogger The Clinging Vine said...

You're kidding. You can write backwards and upside down?

Okay, that's odd. =8^o

Since you're "directionally challenged" the "no left turn" way of driving might be just the ticket for you, eh? Understand UPS or FedEx or some company has implemented that policy for their drivers and found it works a treat, since the drivers never sit, waiting for an opportunity to turn left.

Your #5 reminds me of a woman I knew in the Junior League, who's married to an orthopedist. When he was in medical school she'd meet him for lunch occasionally, and once when she asked him about his classes, he enthusiastically demonstrated the keen stuff he'd learnt by using her nice chicken leg as a visual aid.

She said she couldn't eat it...appetite just vanished for some reason. ;-)

Word to the wise, medical students...don't dissect your date's dinner. It's tacky. ;^p

9:35 AM  
Blogger craigellachie said...

If I use the "no left turn" policy, then I won't turn at all. That could get awkward.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Aunt Cin said...

Cool, Eleanor. Your six weird things are really pretty cool.

I'll put mine here, since unless I photograph myself (NO!) I'd have no reason to put it on my site. :)

I'm the youngest dasughter of a youngest daughter of a youngest daughter. That's why I have my great-grandmother's little boy doll, Oliver. There were so many kids, she didn't know who to give it to, so she chose her youngest daughter, and Gram and Mom did the same. Jason needs to get busy! ;-)

My house tends toward cluttler and disorder, but it's rare that I don't know where something is. I just have that kind of brain.

I seem to be most successful at those things at which I'm self-taught. I like to read and imagine and sketch things out and then just dig in. Cooking and baking, sewing, all of my crafting - all self-taught. Even my typing skills are largely self taught.

I don't drive. Got some kind of hang-up about it. I don't know. My friend Joann said it was because I couldn't just teach myself and announce that I know how. ;-)

I can't sink. Or rather, I float extremely well. I can remain motionless in deep water and not go anywhere. Built-in floatation devices, I guess. This also means I have difficulty diving deeply. Who needs a dumb orange life jacket??

In June I'll have been married twice as long as I haven't.

There, how's that?



10:38 AM  
Blogger The Clinging Vine said...

I cannot imagine knowing where everything is.

Seems like half my life's spent looking for stuff. :^(

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

In our family of "eccentric" (no one in the South is odd- that only happens up north) people, here are the odd things about me:
1) I am left handed. You and Carl are both righties.
2) I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, a vise, adult supervision and a crayon. You and Carl are both good cartoonists.
3) My handwriting causes the National Security Agency to call for cryptographers. You two have a fine hand.
4) I do not have a hearing problem. I choose not to listen some of the time.
5) Oddly enough, I appear to be the only male in our generation of the family with hair left on top of the head. Carl says it grows inward, which accounts for my fuzzy thinking.
6) My wife and I both provide each other with a rich source of amusement and entertainment, but we have a standing rule not to laugh at the cat. Yes, that is odd, and I admit it.

11:53 AM  
Blogger craigellachie said...

Uh-uh. I'm a leftie, so there. How can you NOT laugh at cats! That IS weird!

12:22 PM  
Blogger The BadgerMum said...

Eleanor, your #3 is so funny - Mike and I are just like that. It took me forever to get used to having to make the bed after I married. Before marriage, all I had to do in the morning was slide out from under the covers, tug them just a bit and fluff my pillow - no more than 10 seconds, tops.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

I love your #2! Wine makes you sneeze! I flush deeply when I drink red wine, more than a couple of swallows.

and, Altoids mints make ME sneeze!

cool weirdnesses, E!

8:35 AM  

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