Monday, June 06, 2005

Gonna fly away...

Going to be out of town for awhile. Just to keep things interesting, share with me your most helpful/informative/fun bookmarked websites.

Here are a few of mine: Ask a question of lots of different sorts of experts. Great for informed opinion-getting and question-answering. This is where I get my desktops. Changes every day, and you can browse their archive of pictures. This one is great for gardening helps. You have to pay to be a member and ask questions, but it's free to type in a search at the bottom of a forum page and see q's others have asked. Click on a subject to ask questions, free. You'll get all sorts of answers from non-professionals, but the WebMD staff are doctors. They won't give you a diagnosis, but they can tell you where to start looking, and whether it's time to see a doctor. Also a great resource for medical info; has a search engine. I read this one for fun.

What are some of your favorite spots?


Anonymous Heidi said...

There are two snowflake pages that I like

This one is the same as cutting out paper snowflakes. I like it because it features actual snowflakes that people have made.

This one has a triangular space for doodling on, and the design appears on the hexagon. THAT is very cool to watch.

8:39 AM  

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