Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm A Regular, I Guess.

This afternoon I was in the local super-grocery store waiting for the lady in front of me to finish getting her order checked out, while reading the Weekly World News. (Do you know, there has just been discovered a pyramid on the Moon, which, scientists speculate, got there when an asteroid swept across the Nile, and nicked it up into space, depositing it on the Moon. Gosh.)

As the last of the lady's groceries were loaded onto her cart, the checkout gal turned to me and said, "You'd like paper bags, right?" Surprised, I answered yes, and then complimented her on remembering such a small detail. "Oh, I see you every week," she said, "and I get to remembering these things about different people."

"You must have some great believe-it-or-not type stories from your time here," I commented.

"I've been here for ten years, and I can tell a few stories," she smiled, as she rung up my purchases. "There was an elderly lady who came through with only a loaf of the fresh Vienna bread from the bakery in a paper bag. Danged if she doesn't come up, take the naked loaf right out of the bag and plop it on the conveyor belt. "I don't need the bag", she said to me. I told her that the conveyor belt wasn't very clean and that the loaf was now not very clean for consumption. "I don't care" she said. "Don't need the bag." "

She continued (as I'd hoped she would), "Then there was the kid who came up and paid for something by opening his mouth and popping out the change, from his mouth to my hand! I about dropped right there!" she laughed, shuddering.

I shuddered with her. "I'll bet you keep plenty of Purell on hand, don't you." "Yup, she agreed,"I use it alot. My hands are pretty dried out, even with lots of lotion. Boy, you just never know what's next around here."

I love those believe-it-or-not stories, don't you?


Blogger The BadgerMum said...

What I can't believe is how stupid those scientists are! Don't they know that the pyramid builders colonized the moon before they came here? Jeepers. It was right on the front cover National Enquirer like two years ago. They should get out and read the news more often.


2:39 PM  

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