Monday, June 12, 2006

I Know How Rip Van Winkle Felt.

I sure am glad we don't live into the eighth century anymore. I'd hate to have to catch up with all the technology every morning.

Today I started my job as part time story-boarder and all-around artist at the scientific animation company that recently hired me on a contractual basis. A year ago at this time I wasn't even sure I could do medical illustration at all (and still am not completely sure of that.). Now I'm using an electronic drawing tablet to produce storyboards for life science animations. Me, the Computer Illiterate. All the other employees at this place are my childrens' age.

They seem happy to have me there, though, so apart from feeling brain-dead from doing the tablet thing for the first time, I feel good. And I still have time to make a decent dinner, do a load of wash or two, and post here.

God has been so gracious to me. He has planned all this, and I think I can see it. This only tells me, of course, that He has planned good works ahead of time for me to walk in. So, God grant that I walk with my eyes fixed on You, my soul leaning on You, and that I would turn neither to the right or to the left.


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