Saturday, December 09, 2006

O, For That Day!

In the Economist, there are two recent articles that make me want to scream, Maranatha!

One is about how humans evolved visible white scleras to their eyeballs because, evolutionary speaking, it is easier to see where others are looking, "proving" the importance of sociabillity in Homo sapiens.

The other has to do with the reason for which men ask women for sex. "Scientists" have decided that the main reason is so that men can "spread their DNA".

There are actually people paid to come up with this stuff!

I so long to see the day when the theory of evolution is disproved. I long to see these fatuous, self-impressed evolutionary scientists wandering around with their mouths hanging open because they have just realised that the entire worldview foundation has just been vaporised. Their science is not science.

"What is truth?" Pilate asked.


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