Thursday, July 28, 2005

Resurrected World for Resurrected Bodies

In his online article (, Derek Thomas writes:

"Peter’s words [2Peter 3:12] do not imply the complete destruction of this world, but its transformation through purging — the removal of all that is corrupt so that what remains is holy — have entertained a far more positive view of our involvement in this world as well as suggesting the shape of the world to come. ...If, as Calvin suggested, fallen man’s reflection of the imago dei is akin to ruined castles which only faintly reflect their former glory, the new heavens and new earth will beautify what can be faintly glimpsed even now in this world order.
In order to picture this in our minds we have to do several things: we must try and eradicate what sin has distorted..."

About a year or so ago, I got to thinking hard about what the new Heaven and new Earth will look like. It's confusing to think of everything getting destroyed and something entirely new and different getting made. But if you think about it, death and decay must be a picture of what will happen to the earth. God is not unable to make new, glorified bodies for us out of the old stuff that was once the atoms and molecules that made up the earth. Though billions of bodies have been laid to rest and are physically no more (or have been totally destroyed in other, more violent ways), what limits God from using the 'stuff' that was corruptible, redeemed, inspired by His Spirit, and glorified...I don't know how, but according to His promise, to make new glorified bodies? Didn't Christ have a material body on the Mount of Transfiguration? As Mr. Thomas points out, didn't He eat fish after the Resurrection?

Thomas, in the above paragraph, speaks of what the world could become. This has also long been a theme of thought and wonderment to me. For example, imagine a tree. Now, we all know that trees have bark to protect the xylem, and cuticles on their leaves to prevent loss of water and for UV protection, among other things (if I understand my husband correctly). What if it were not possible for the xylem to be damaged? What if there were no harmful bugs to damage the tree, to bore through it: What if the Light were not harmful, but only purely beneficial? Would trees still have bark? Would they still have leaf cuticles? There would not even be a medicinal need for these things. If they remained, their purpose would of course to make the tree a delight to us and a glory to God. What will spiders be like? Will they be (shudder) impossibly adorable? Maybe they will sing incredible songs of praise? And if it has no defense for an non-existent threat, what will the rest of Nature look like? What else can claws, spines and fangs be used for?...will turtles be naked? Will they dance?

The consequence of the Fall on Nature must have been a crushing devastation to Adam and Eve. But, as I am talking like a child, perhaps it would be prudent to shut up about the subject.


Anonymous Heidi said...

Don't EVER stop talking about this subject! I love the idea of spiders being adorable and singing praises to God! (well, I think jumping spiders already are pretty cool and not completely UN-adorable)

Since I've been focusing on the resurrection this past couple of weeks, the New Heavens and the New Earth is just the thing I'd love to talk about more.

12:38 PM  

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