Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Truth

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

"As Christians, we are called to stand firmly in truth, yet it is not our own conceptualised reality in which we are to establish ourselves. Rather, we are called to establish ourselves in the reality that God Almighty has set forth." -Burk Parsons

Some things are true of everyone. It is not possible to escape the fact that all humans need food, drink, and air in order to survive. When I was a college student in the 1970's, it struck me that life is full of universal truths. I was so hungry for the truth, something that would stand and never, ever change, no matter what time you lived in or where, or who you were. I became almost obsessively drawn to the idea that there had to be spiritual truths as well as physical ones: Either God was real or He was not. Either Jesus was truly God, or He was not. And if He was, either something was required of me, or it was not. How could I live my life without having something outside of myself to build upon that would be the foundation of everything I did? If I did not have a foundation, how could anything at all that I could ever accomplish ever last? First things first, said I to myself, find out what the First Truth is, then get on with building my life on that. So God drew me to Himself (little did I know Who was feeding me these thoughts!) by posing the First Question in my soul.


Anonymous Heidi said...

I love to hear the stories of how people came to the Lord, especially when they include all the "callings" they had before being born again, and how they finally recognized them as "calls" after becoming His.

From the little picture in my mind as girl in the Episcopal church, of "walking before Him" question was "how can I walk before Him, if I'm on earth and He's in heaven?" to the thrilling jolt when I was 16, to realize that He wanted me with Him, personally, to His many protections over the years...all of it, His calls on my life.


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