Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On Joy.

"The sense of joy, as you well know, persists, accepts, cushions-- makes bearable the hardships and sorrows life mixes with the graces. While 'happy'is exactly as it sounds. Say 'happy' over and over again. it sounds like a loon; it can only be of short duration before its own hysteria destroys it-- leaving an abyss of nothing. while joy-- joie-- say them out loud-- is long, drawn out and lasts. It spins into a long thread, of silk, not of nylon..."

It's amazing what one finds in the Journal of Biomedical Communication. I love this quote by the eminent medical illustator Pauline Lariviere Grimaldi, who was a bon vivant French Canadian full of joie de vivre. I have no idea whether she was a believer or not, but she certainly got this one right. What's lacking is the Reason and Source for Joy, which believers can all agree on, oui?


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