Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Minuted and Seconded To Death.

I've been getting alot of mail recently. About half of it is catalogs, which I usually just throw out; the rest is credit card offers (I shred these), bills buried in ad junk (which makes me crazy, and yes, I do pay online what I can), card reminders for church stuff or tennis or youth group (I leave these out for a few days then throw out if no one claims them), ads....ads....ads... So today I ended up throwing out 90% of what I received in the mail. Christmas must be such a headache for the post office. And the garbage men, who may or may not appreciate the weight lifting exercise.

I've been, over the past week, making an effort to get at the clutter and dirt of the house. In ten years alot can accumulate. I started with the kitchen and have made my way into the family room, where I came across a bunch of old photos. Inwardly I groaned and cursed, becuase I hate putting photos away. They take up so much space. I like digital photos much better. What I'd especially like to do is scan our slides and get them on CDs...but I don't know how I can easily do that. Anyone have any inexpensive ideas?

Schedules get royally messed up during December. Normally I deal with this by opting out of most activities. I am finding that all the visual and auditory cues of Christmas have become a major distraction for me. I prefer the routine of my usual study and silence. Bah, humbug; don't argue with me. If you differ, I am happy for you. Go indulge. As for me, meditation on the Lord Christ is easier when I confine it to my mind and in the consecration of everyday actions.

....and about those actions. I need to work at consecrating the mess cleanup and the mail-sorting and the bill-paying and the detail work. The Devil isn't in the details, God is. May God enable me to serve others in the doing of the details ('cuz no one else is going to see to them.) What am I here for? To serve God now, in the task at hand, as my post below so beautifully outlines. May it be so.

I'm being nibbled to death by ducks in the Lord's service!


Anonymous andy said...

A lot of my film photography has already been put on disc, and I don't ask for prints anymore. Same for digital photography. As for pictures, you will have to bite the bullet and have them scanned and put into disc. It is actually cheaper to do this at a photo shop than going out and buying a scanner for your computer. This is not that expensive to do, and saves a lot of photos as well as room.

I keep negatives in a notebook binder which has a home on a shelf.

Hope that helps.

1:17 PM  

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