Friday, April 27, 2007

Beloved Unbeliever

I can't help it. Over the years, I've collected a group of personalities and people (the distinction being that the former I have never met but know of, the latter I have met personally and am friendly with) whom I have categorised as my "Beloved Unbelievers".

These are people whom I simply can't help liking even though I am fairly sure they don't belong to Christ (yet...I live in hope). Here's one:Yes, it's Peter O'Toole. He is a glorious piece of human wreckage (thanks to his alcoholism, but he is more or less 'recovered') who has starred in far too many B movies instead of the movies and plays of which he is more worthy in talent. He has a rapier wit:

"When did I realise I was God? When I was praying and suddenly realised I was talking to myself."

"Exhilaration is the feeling you get just after you have a brilliant idea, and just before you realise all the things that are wrong with it."

How I wish this man was God's own man! It makes me positively quiver to think of the fun he would bring to the Kingdom at large.. I'll think of more as I go along. Who are your beloved unbelievers?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always liked My Favorite Year. He plays almost a caricature of himself.

(This isn't really Lise, it's Byron. I just didn't log her out.)

9:44 PM  

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