Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kittens, Geckos, Spiders, Bunnies.

I keep having kitten dreams.

These are dreams in which I find a cute kitten in the house, only to turn around and find another...and another...and it becomes evident to me that I'm in the midst of an epidemic of kittens. Oddly, they vary in size. Some are normal-sized, but as they proliferate, they get smaller, and harder to throw out of the house. Sometimes I have to actually use a shovel to move enough of them because they are the size of fuzzy pussywillow buds. But they are all very cute. I feel bad about it, but it gets ridiculous.

So last night I had a dream like that, but this time it was about geckos. I like geckos. They're useful and cool to look at. But I wasn't thrilled about having an uninvited one in the house. After awhile I saw another one, and I was thinking, great. Here we go again. But then a large and colorful spider appeared. Usually I hate and fear spiders, but this one didn't bother me. Maybe I had a can of spider spray at hand in my dream-closet? I thought, I'll let the spider have it out with the gecko. Usually geckos win in these scenarios, but this spider managed to nail the gecko. I was pleased but that was that.

Until a baby rabbit showed up in the living room. It was there with its mother, a cute, furry little thang with tiny little adorable ears. I picked it up by the nape, and managed to get the mom as well, who struggled mightily, but I prevailed, and took them outside. But now I thought, if they got into the house once, they can do it again! How to prevent it, as least until I find the entry place?(I never do, either). So I decided to carry them across the nearest main road, which I do. Now they'll have to deal with the semis, I thought.

Then the dream went on to other more mundane subjects, such as obtaining a pizza, a concert stage, buying books at an estate sale, homeless people, and dirty toilets. You know, the usual. But I sure would like to know what the kitten dream means. Especially since we seem to be developing variety.


Blogger The Clinging Vine said...

It probably means you want a couple of Dmitry's friend, Viktor's, kittens.

His family has five to give away.

May I pick two, stuff them in a box (with air holes, of course) and ship them off to you? ;^p

Just don't let the geckos get 'em.

1:53 PM  

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