Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warm Fuzzies

Local news item:

Since the 1800's, the Dalmation and Firehouses have gone together. Now a Lafayette man is making sure every fire station in Lafayette, has the symbol on display.
The black and white spotted dalmation is synonomous with fire fighters and their stations. Until recently only one Lafayette Fire House had a dalmation. Jack Ruckel wanted to change that.
"And then I got thinking, well that ain't right so I'll buy one a month and so I just enjoyed doing it that I started buying one a week in two months time I had all seven of em, every station has one," said Ruckel.
Lafayette Fire Station Seven displays its dog next to the flag pole. Sergeant Mike Schwartz said tradition of the dalmation and fire service dates back more than 200 years.
"It started in the 1800's on the east coast when the carts were horse drawn and one of the guys had a dalmation that come to the engine house with him and it would sit in the middle of the horse drawn cart and bark at the horses to get em to go a little bit faster and it's been a tradition ever since," said Schwartz.
Ruckel said he respects the job firefighters do, and just wanted to do his part.
"I got a lot of respect for em because they put their life in danger everyday and I appreciate it. This is just a minor thing that I can do," Ruckel said.

I'll bet I know why the dog was barking. It was simply excited. it doesn't take much to excite a dog, and Dalmatians are not known for intelligence. Who wouldn't be excited on a pump cart, publicly and glamorously galloping down the street at breakneck speed? We all have a llittle toddler in us, don't we?

Well, I do, anyway.


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