Friday, July 29, 2005

Things that bother me. Things that make me happy.

Things that bother me:
- Gum on the sidewalk, when I step in it with a decent pair of shoes. Hot days make it worse.
- Stopping at a stoplight and noticing great breaking surf-waves of cigarette butts at the curb.
- Sub-woofers in the car behind me that ruin my medieval music. (This can be mitigated however, by seeing the woofer-car's windows jiggle and thinking about the listener's eardrums scarring and inner ear hair cells dying like mad.)
-Having housework to do when there is a book I've wanted to read for months sitting in the family room, waiting, calling...
- Having to not eat the M&M's in the closet for my daughter's birthday party. Yes, I ate some, but I had to stop, and that bothers me.
- When a plant designated by my gardening books as invasive dies. I was hoping that that lamium would be invasive, that's why I planted it.

Things that make me happy:
- When the cat climbs onto the back of my chair, leans against me, and starts to purr when I talk to him.
- Knowing there's Gretchen's fabulous Key Lime cheesecake in the fridge...such a wise choice by my daughter for her birthday!
-Having an entire afternoon with no one to talk to and nothing to do but read the book I've been wanting to read for months.
- Listening to a new CD by the Chieftans or medieval or Renaissance-era music.
-Leftover M&m's. Yes, sometimes it happens.
- All of the above happening at the same time.


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