Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A little sabbatical.

I'm kind of sort of taking this week off from the School. Except that I have a project I am trying to get done before Friday: I have been assigned a picture to do of a window, portraying things both outside and just inside the window. The object is to not only show ability with design and color but also the ability to show what could be called 'atmospheric perspective'. This is the ability to show a difference between what is near and far by varying the quality of light, not just perspective. I got a good start on that on Monday, but yesterday was cloudy, so I did nothing on it. I plan to start again on it after lunch, when the light is right.

In the meantime, I have discovered a way to get the exercise I need to get without ruining my back: racewalking. I'm pretty excited about it, since I'm getting just about equal to the workout that I get from running, only without the pounding. Basically, I am going just under the pace I would be if I were running, and my upper body looks as if I am running, but I take care to always have one foot on the ground. I'm never airborne, the way one would be if running. This reduces the stress on my vertbrae considerably, which allows me to go for much longer, and to go everyday. Today as an experiment, I did over seven miles. I'm tired but I feel pretty good. Especially since I don't feel too much guilt about having a bagel dripping with butter, along with yogurt, All-Bran, and a banana for breakfast. I like big breakfasts!

Here's another of my assignments. The idea was to make a pencil drawing that would convey tension and elasticity. It had to be a conceptual drawing, that is, not done from life or a photograph, but more 'out of the head'. I'm also supposed to show the working pictures I made to arrive at it, but I didn;t get those photographed as there are about 12 of them:


Blogger Anne said...

That's wonderful, Eleanor! Hands are hard, from what I've read, but those are excellent. ;^)

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