Thursday, December 21, 2006

It Just Got To Me.

After writing the last post I went out for my run. It is currently 43° and very foggy and quiet. As I ran past one house I noticed a light on in a window and in the busybody way I have, I glanced in as I passed. For two seconds I got a view of a dining room looking through to a comfortably cluttered kitchen, where a man was bent over a coffee pot, pouring into a mug. The scene was so peaceful and ordinary that I was touched to the heart, and found myself blessing all the good men like him who provide a home for their families, and find their comfort there, and in their morning cup of coffee. God bless them, every one.


Anonymous Heidi said...

Oh, I just love the sight of warm glowing windows in early or late light! When I walk my dog, and see the gleam of lit-up homes, with the occasional glimpse into someone's day to day life. Like the woman practicing her piano, or the little girls and their daddy bouncing on the bed!

it really is heart warming, innit?

5:34 PM  

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