Friday, April 27, 2007

Stay Within the Truth. The Truth Is Your Friend.

I've been reading Thomas Brooks' Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices. In it he makes a point that I had never thought of before:

Have you not found Truth a guide to lead you, a staff to uphold you, a cordial to strengthen you, and a plaster to heal you?...Hath not truth been your best friend in your worst days? Hath not truth stood by you when friends have forsaken you? Hath not truth done more for you than all the world could do against you, and will you not hold fast the truth?

Simply put, when you think about it, the truths of this universe and the greater Kosmos which contains it are always your friends. Whenever you have worked with truth, it has been to your advantage. Think on some truths that enable you to exist-- like gravity. What happens when you reject it?

And there are spiritual truths too, which can only be to our advantage to accept and work within. If we persist in rejecting Truth, it will sooner or later, be the hammer that destroys us, instead of being, as intended, the shield that could defend us.

If I'm facing a struggle today, isn't it usually because I'm refusing to accept some truth or another?


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