Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Dangerous Cat?

We have two brother Siamese cats, Tchai and Haydn, who are good for very little except patting and snuggling, the acceptance of which they excel at. However, it would be nice if they would do something, you know, Useful, like kill vermin. I know cats that are Spider Killers (I would love a certified Spider Killer, so long as I could be sure the quarry would not be lovingly left on my pillow), and Mouse Hunters. Our cats are merely curious beasts who don't know they are supposed to be dangerous.

Several years ago, they were nosing around the woodpile by the fireplace with such interest that we decided to check it out. On removing some of the wood, out came a mouse which shot across the floor directly between my legs, causing me to jump and emit a squeak that my children still talk about while rolling on the floor in laughter. The cats watched it run past with cool academic interest while the rest of the household tried to demonstrate the attitude of the Big Game Hunter. Nothing doing. The mouse disappeared to parts unknown, and I set out traps to no avail. The cats curled up on the sofa and went to sleep.

This happens when the weather is cold, pore thangs, and they look for breaks in the foundation, like where the air conditioner comes into the basement.

Last week, we were eating a quiet, civilised dinner, when Tchai suddenly and smoothly trots past on his way out of the basement, tail high. Meg does a double take, and says incredulously, "Did he have something in his mouth??" She follows him into the other room, and he scoots furtively to the basement door again-- sure enough, there's a small mouse in his jaws! We rejoice, and Meg follows him downstairs, where he triumphantly drops the mouse. The mouse lies still.... for a moment, and then gets up and skitters off.

Oh, well, back to the drawing board. We set a trap for him and got him the next day, pore thang.


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I love how the cat carefully rearranged the mouse in the house. ;^)

Tchai: Rearranger of Mice

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