Friday, December 09, 2005


Conversation heard this snowy morning:

Me: There is no school today.

Meg: Yes, that’s a good thing; it means I have no homework this weekend.

Me: Well, there’s some things I’d like you to do for me today.

Meg: Well, I do have a LITTLE homework.

Me: I need you to bake up some cookies.

Meg: Well, I don’t have to get it done RIGHT away.


Rich (shoveling hard): How about if you work at the other end of the driveway so I’m not running into you?

Eleanor (wisely pushing shovel to shave off manageable sections of snow so as not to rupture herself): OK. And you don’t have to do the whole layer of snow at once. I’ll clean up after you; just get the bulk of it off.

Rich: (surveying my work) We don’t have to get it THAT clear. Just how clean do you want this driveway?

Eleanor: Clean enough to get the mail in stocking feet.

Rich: You are a crazy woman.

Eleanor: Hey, Bud, I’m a New Englander. Don’t tell me how to do my job.

Rich: Whoa. (exeunt)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one saucy woman, Eleanor!

Your family sounds like mine.

Happy snow!


12:26 PM  
Blogger craigellachie said...

Saucy, eh? I like that.

5:45 PM  

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